Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPad Job Search Tips | Take You With You (Part 2)

IMG_1512In Part 1 of Take You With You, I opined about ditching the paper resume and bringing it with you inside of your iPad.  It is an engaging way to change the interview from the back and forth volley of a Q&A to a more tactile and interactive conversation.

But let’s not limit it to the resume – why not take all of you (at least the professional you) into the room.

The following program is brought to in living color

Portfolios, sample work product and other “leave-behinds” have been strewn across the desks of interviewers infinitas infinitio.  However, digital and “moving pictures” were not so easy to display (unless you had your own 3DBB). Stopping an interview in its tracks by setting up a projector (and littering the room with the vibe of a stale drive-in movie hot dog) was not a good idea. 

But in the tablet era – you are able to bring those nice bright colors of your life to life without jarring the interview off the rails.

Phrasing in tribute of Dick Clark’s recent passing, let me describe to you the things you would find on my iPad during an interview:

Of course – if you have access to “the interwebs” – you can show even more of your work.   Heck -  I can even show you my personal Facebook site (without giving you my password).

Never do I want to hear another word…show me

Whatever it is that makes you a most valuable candidate to a potential employer – show them.  Online, offline or how you drive results to the bottom line – bring all of that with you to the interview to help “digitally enhance” the picture of you that create in the interview.

Up next, in the final chapter of the “Take You With You” trilogy, I mention some “safety tips” when bringing your iPad to an interview (i.e. pants on, ethics and Lady Ga-Ga).


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