Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iPad Job Search Tips | Every Move a Picture

IMG_0296I mentioned the other day that I recently went through an interview cycle on the way to a new gig with an awesome company.  During this process, it is easy to see (what you should already know) how smart phones and social media are increasingly intertwined with the interview/job search process in big and small ways.

Here’s one small way: documenting what you wear to an interview.

Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper

Ok.  Guys have it easier on this front.  2 suits, a sports jacket, a few shirts and a few more ties and you’re ready for 3-4 rounds of interviews at a number of companies.

But for every gift there is a down-side.  Most dudes are not normally fashion conscious.  Unless our favorite sports teams have given us the Garanimals head-start (e.g. Patriots Nautical Blue suit with a white shirt and red tie), we may be challenged.  It is such a blind-spot for some guys that I have a recruiter buddy who escorts charges to the first meet to ensure they are dressed like an adult.

Snap, Snap!  Grin, Grin!

Enter the iPad camera.   Snap a quick self-pic on the way out the door and then tag the photo when you get home (e.g. Job x, Interview 2). 


You’ve got a pictorial catalog of how much variety you are mixing into your wardrobe that you can store right next to your “customized for that job resume” you did (because you did – right?).  This “scrapbook” can be especially valuable given the extended sales cycles of most jobs in this market (interviewing with more people over and extended period of time).

Any interesting ways you are using your iPad or social media in your job search you care to share?

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Rebecca Hartstrom said...

I just have to agree with you when you said that guys have it easier when it comes to dressing up for interviews. Us ladies can make it easy but then there's just a lot of things to think about. About your "scrapbook" idea. Well most girls already do that, it is indeed a huge help. But it's also another thing to consider when going out because you might be wearing the same thing over and over again. LOL! I use my iPhone by the way, and of course Facebook. :D

Thomas Copenhaver said...

Thanks for the comment, Rebecca.

And - it is even easier for a bald boy (no hair prep needed)