Sunday, January 3, 2010

20 Job Search Answers You Need To Know | Second Quarter Review (#6-10)

We’re halfway home and making the turn towards the clubhouse with the first #10 questions in the bag (let’s sing song of 10).  Before we start the 2010 work week (whether


you are heading back to work – or hitting it hard on your next opportunity),  let’s look back the last 5 Questions:


Question #6: What should be in a resume?
A: Why what you did mattered.

Don’t make it an Easter Egg Hunt or one of those dumb puzzles (that I mentioned I hate) for the person reviewing your resume. In short - metrics and what they mean and why they mattered (and please please me by skipping the Objective – nobody cares)

As mentioned in the original post as well - the judges would also have accepted smart and get stuff done to advance to the bonus round of our game.


Question #7: What is the purpose (or goal) of the interview?
A: To get the offer

That’s the quick answer (to get the offer). There are of course many other purposes (as we talk about in the forthcoming coming questions).  But - this is an important reminder to you to not start negotiating too early and worrying about things too soon that won’t matter (e.g. benefits) if you don’t get the offer.


Question #8: How do I prepare for an interview
A: By doing your homework

I hope you didn’t answer “down a handful of OxyContin”. Your homework involves getting to know all that you can about the company. Not only will you appear to be interested in the job you are applying for, but it allows you to fine tune your pitch.

Also if you haven’t interviewed a lot (or since Clinton was in office), you will also want to practice concise answers. For example, when asked open-ended questions (e.g. “what is the most significant thing you did at your former job?”), you want these answers to illustrate a problem (or opportunity) you discovered, the solution you devised (and how you came about that) and what was the result (how much did you save or did they throw you a parade?).


Question #9 What questions do I avoid early in the interview process?
A: Questions that make you sound desperate (or clueless)

If your first inquiry when the interviewer yields their time for you to ask him or a question is, “Can I wear my Green Bay Packers Zubazs on Fridays?” – then you’re probably not painting the self-portrait that you want out of the gate (or in your case, on first down).

Folks try to avoid hiring desperate or clueless employees (although for some of you – that might seem contrary to actual practice).


Question #10 What questions do I avoid early in the interview process?
A: Questions that show interest and understanding as well those that give you answers you need to make a decision

You want to show them you are invested in this opportunity (more than just visiting their website) and that you understand them – and their market (and therefore how you can be a rainmaker for them)

Additionally – as I always tell the people I interview – this is just as an important of a time for you. You want to determine if this is a good fit for your talents and personality (and therefore know that you can be a rainmaker for them)


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