Saturday, December 12, 2009

20 Job Search Answers You Need To Know | First Quarter Review

Quarter 1 Review

Before we dive into the entrails of what should be in your resume (in our next post), let take a quick look back (by my verbose standards) as we make the first quarter turn on the journey through the 20 Job Search Answers You Need To Know.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Question #1: Where do I look for jobs?
A: Where the jobs are
You can sit on your butt and tweet all day long or run down to the local Piggly Wiggly every 12 minutes to check the bulletin board (if it makes you happy).  This might work for you (I’m all for leaving no stone unturned) - but there are better, target rich places you need to be. Those include networking with people who have jobs and can help your locate your next one  (#1 by a mile), company websites, professional associations, recruiters, social media outlets (Linked In, Twitter, Facebook) and of course job sites (Monster and Careerbuilder still have a place in your search  – but don’t get trapped with volume over quality).

Question #2: Should I use a recruiter/headhunter?
A: Yes!
Anyone that can help you is someone you want to know. Here’s another place where quality is important over quantity. Build, nurture and maintain relationships with talented recruiters in your area and field – as well was those who have preferred relationships with your target companies. But don’t just take. As Sir Paul once said (something like) and, in the end, the leads you take are equal to the leads you make (or something like that).

Question #3: Why do I need to network when I can find my job on
A: See answer to question #1

Questions #4: How do I start to network?
A: By networking
Just dive into the deep-end of the pool and talk to people. And like the jobs – you need to go where people congregate. This includes job transition groups, professional associates (in your industry), places of worship (and I include Starbucks in that group), family reunions, your spouse’s office Christmas party (skip the Red-headed Slut shots when they come out) or vendor symposiums (many of which are free).

Asisde: Job fairs have normally been a great haven for networking. Recently though (in the current joblessness tsunami), they are such an overstuffed cattle call that your time wasted standing in-line to get your resume in a pile with 2,039 other folks is probably better spent elsewhere.

Questions #5: What is the purpose of the resume?
A: To get the interview
This simple answer provides your focus: to avoid getting screened out (i.e. no golden ticket to the interview). So your resume (and it’s partner in crime - your cover letter) must compel your target to call you.

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