Friday, November 20, 2009

Job Search Extra Point | Ray of Hope

I have feel good story to start everyone’s weekend. SAM_0095_1

I had a networking meeting with a former colleague this morning (remember – networking is important). When last I saw her (last year at the very same Caribou Coffee), she was about 2 weeks from being laid off with no plan or prospects for employment. 

Things can change rapidly.

Since our last visit:

  1. She has a new job, at an awesome global company (that is not only surviving - but growing in the current economy)
  2. Her new boss is fantastic – mentoring and encouraging her to reach beyond her grasp
  3. She has uncovered unknown skills that will help her in the marketplace going forward
  4. She is engaged, and getting married this Summer

Her success and reward for hard work lifted and inspired me this morning.

So for everyone pounding the pavement and working hard to get their next gig (or to hold onto the one the have), hang on to hope (when there’s no hope to speak of) and never say die.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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