Saturday, November 14, 2009

Job Search Bonus: Become part of the solution

Fantastic story in the Star Tribune today about Peggy Byrne (New website is a one-stop job shop). Peggy is an in transition HR professional who has started She is using her past experience to benefit others on the hunt (and hopefully) get herself a job in the process.

The site covers:

Links to job search engines, food shelves, housing and heating assistance programs, free flu shot clinics, free legal clinics, cheap medical care, transportation, job retraining programs, bargains and news articles about grants, loans and thousands of other resources for the unemployed

This is a great example of three things I hold holy in the job search wars:

  • Doing something positive to keep yourself motivated during the search. Job search is combat tactics, Mr. Ryan.  Don’t give up!
  • Paying it forward…helping others with no strings attached is the best way to take extra spins on the karma wheel
  • What you do for free may help you get your next job (use the web to show the world your talents and not just tweet how many Vodka Red Bulls you had last night)

Remember – we’re all in those together (the economy, the job market). Peggy is showing you the new normal on the front lines of the job hunt.

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