Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To take you and the Sun to promised lands

The LEAST favorite day of the year is here (especially those in these Northern providences): The Summer Solstice.
I rant today not against the pagan underpinnings of this Solstice, but the Martellato tone of the bell for which it tolls. Although (contrary to popular wisdom) the days will not actually get shorter in these parts until Sunday, we’ve nonetheless reached the mountaintop of daylight in the Summer of 2011 (and I can see the other side). Just as quickly as (nearly all) those pre-commute tempo runs had been lapped by the light of dawn, the darkness will once again begin the take back of the night as it slithers upon the 6 month journey to the most dark time of the year.

While I am singing one season following another for you in my head, Asparagus is gone from the Farmers Market and will soon give way to juicy tomatoes, scary deep fried Mayonnaise (at your state and county fair), tart apples, bulbous pumpkins, and then flint corn (the multi-colored corn with the politically incorrect name) .

For runners, the dog days of summer may not be over (in fact they are just beginning) but that Fall marathon you’ve been training for is getting larger in the window (and gosh golly you’ve not done enough hill work, Fatso). Soon you'll be trying to get ice out – instead of into – your water bottle.

Gosh – I’m starting to depress myself (tapping my inner Marvin)

Marvin: I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
Trillian: Well, we have something that may take your mind off it.
Marvin: It won't work, I have an exceptionally large mind.

Well, I wish you'd just tell me rather than try to engage my enthusiasm

If you’re expecting a GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may post (then you’ve haven’t dug far enough into my back catalog of posts). This is just another riff on the previous post about goals (and tracking to them). Whether it is that aforementioned marathon, you’re first Triathlon, getting that new job/new promotion, mixing in (more than just) a salad into your diet, finishing painting trim on the backside of the house as you promised your wife or grabbing another catch with your son (or Dad) – another milestone like today (and the others you’ve set for yourself) are opportunities for you to ask yourself,  how ya’, doin?

Having your corn knee-high – or being 2 pant sizes down – by the 4th of July is less than 2 weeks away.

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