Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conjunction Junction – make that your function

If I was to sort and group my email Sent folder by Subject text, “30 Second World Famous Introduction” would be one of the most used texts.  I just finished sending another one of these networking “blind dates”.

I talked about this in a longer post in 2009 (20 Job Search Answers You Need To Know | #4 How do I start to network?) but I wanted to hit this specific topic again (because it is so important).

To quote that post (and myself): 

(Connecting people) is something I strongly believe in (and do at least once a week). This is all about hooking-up folks whenever you can - WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Whether you call it pay it forward or Instant Karma (as I prefer to), connecting others in your circle expands your circle, too.  So if you know two people that could benefit from meeting each other – hook them up

I often hook-up people with my “Blind Date Introduction” email I am fond of sending (just did it last night). 

The email comes in 4 parts and goes something like this:

  • The set-up:  Why I think you two should meet
  • Person 1 Bio:  How I know you and why you are special
  • Person 2 Bio: How I know the other person and why they are special
  • Contact: Provide each others contact info with a note to contact the person (or not) as they both see fit

If you do only one thing in 2011 to grow your network – make connecting people that one thing.


Melanie said...

Excellent points to ponder....oh, and thanks, now I have the "Conjunction Junction" jingle in my head.....

Melanie said...

Excellent points to ponder...oh, and thanks a bunch, now I have the "Conjunction Junction" jingle stuck in my head.....

Thomas Copenhaver said...

Mel: There are some worse ones to have in your head
(Lolly, Lolly, Lolly)